185-190 cm (6'1-6'3 est.)


Sword that can transform into a pistol


Knight Of Hearts

Ace '(エース) Ace is based on the Knave of Hearts. He is the Knight of Heart Castle and considered the most skilled swordsman in Wonderland, but has a notoriously bad sense of direction and often forgets how to get to places. Though, seemingly harmless at first, he becomes more devious over time and demonstrates a tendency towards violence.

His lost adventures are revealed to be assassinations of people that the Joker or the Clockmaker want him to kill; he helps Julius Monrey collect clocks from people who have died while killing those who get in his way. Ace is one of the first characters to admit that he has no romantic interest in Alice, though that changes shortly after he says it. Despite confessing to love Alice, she notes how he used her a shield when Peter threatened to shoot him. He almost kills Alice because she is changing everyone in Wonderland, but mentions that if he killed her, he couldn't hear her heartbeat anymore, so changes his mind.

Relationships Edit

Alice Liddell- Alice and I get along well together, though there was a time where I was set on killing her. Heh...

Julius Monrey- I think Julius is weak and pathetic, so I take it upon myself to protect him. I kind of see him as my "best friend". (In the games, you can get a 3-person ending with Ace and Julius.)

Blood Dupre- I frequently get lost and wander to the Hatter Mansion a lot. However, I'm actually working for the Jokers and I'm supposed to kill Blood since Blood broke the rules. I should probably get around to that soon...

Boris Airay- Bad Kitties who try to hurt Julius need to be taught a lesson~ Boris is one of the few people who know that I work for Julius, and quite frankly, he's fun to fight, so I piss him off on purpose to get a good show for myself.


  • He is possibly based on the Knave of Hearts.
  • Ace is portrayed as an extremely pervy guy through the games but it was revealed that in the 1st game Blood was even pervier