Joker Game Cover

Game Plot:

Very similar to Heart and Clover. You play as Alice Liddell and you choose a destination to stay and play a characters route. You unravel the mystery of the Circus and the Prison Realm as well as Joker himself!


Alice Liddel- Main character you play as. Referred to as the Outsider of Wonderland.

Ace Knight- The knight of Heart Palace and worker of Julius Monrey, Vivaldi and Joker.

Peter White- The Prime Minister and White Rabbit of Wonderland's Heart Palace.

Vivaldi- Queen of Hearts.

Julius Monrey- The Undertaker and owner of Clock tower.

Gray Ringmarc- Former Assassin who now works for Nightmare.

Nightmare Gottschalk- The sickly Dream Demon (incubus) and owner of Clover Tower.

Blood Dupre- The Mafia boss and leader of the Hatters. He's the only one able to keep Elliot in line aside from Alice.

Elliot March- The March Hare and 2nd in the Mafia.

Tweedle Dee and Dum- The playful twin guards of the Mafia. They go to the Amusement Park to play with Boris and Alice when bored.

Boris Airay- Portrayed as the Cheshire Cat. He lives with Gowland and Pierce at the Amusement Park.

Pierce Villiers- Dormouse who lives in the Amusement Park. Former "undertaker" of the Mafia, but left due to the twins. Constantly threatened by Boris.

Mary Gowland- Owner of the Amusement Park.

White Joker- The Circus Master of the Circus as well as the Chief Prison Guard. He is Polite and very modest. Respects Alice but is hated by the other roleholders.

Black Joker- Chief of the Prison like White, but doesn't like to help the Circus but will if he has to. Unlike White Joker, He is foulmouthed and Condesending and isn't respectful to Alice.