There are 8 endings to the game - these don't include the "character endings", which appear in addition to the actual ending provided you have enough affection points. Character endings are mentioned/described on the individual characters' pages.

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Choose to live in the Heart Castle, but don't ever go to meet Vivaldi. Eventually, you will get this ending.

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Alice is beheaded as a result of freeloading in the Heart Castle without ever making herself known to its owner, the Queen of Hearts.

Script Edit

(translation still in progress)

???: there, who are you?
Alice: You are...
(Alice: .....just who is that???)
A beautiful young woman.
From the look of her clothes, she must be part of the upper class.
There's no mistaking it, this is a person in a high position.
I haven't met her before.
If I had met her, I would definitely remember it.
???: This girl?
???: .....who is she. Explain.
The beautiful young woman has soldiers with her.
She asks the conveniently-placed soldiers.
Before answering her directly, the soldiers discretely whisper amongst themselves.
Soldier: .....she seems to be Sir White's guest.
???: White's? We have heard nothing of this.
Soldier: That's...
Once again, the soldiers consult each other in a whisper.
Soldier: She is somewhat of a long-standing guest...
???: This is Our castle. Why is it that as the queen, We were not aware of this long-standing guest to welcome her?
Soldier: It seems approval was given by Sir White without Her Majesty the Queen's permission...
(Alice: Her Majesty the Queen!!!)
(Alice: This person...!)
I stare at the young woman.
She certainly seems to be a strong-spirited beauty.
Indeed, I believe I can see a sort of willful cruelty in her beauty.
Vivaldi: That White... Always doing as he pleases...
Vivaldi: Aah, how detestable. That guy has ignored Our summons, hasn't he?
Vivaldi: And We thought We told him to gather together that entire pile of documents...!
Soldier: Fleeing is certainly Sir White's strong point...
Soldier: I cannot believe he would run from an opportunity to view Her Majesty's countenance.
Vivaldi: We also do not wish to see his face. We want to smash those glasses of his.
Vivaldi: Out of that disgusting face, the only thing We can stand to look at... is the color of his eyes.
The color of his eyes.
I remember the red, blood-like color of Peter's eyes.
Vivaldi: We truly cannot stand him...
Vivaldi: If he were not such a useful man, We would have chopped off his head already... (yakumochi) if he were no longer useful...
The beautiful young woman turns her eyes to me with a sharp intake of breath.
I feel a chill running down my spine.
Vivaldi: .....from the look of you, you are an outsider, aren't you.
Vivaldi: White brought you here... In other words, you are someone he desires...
Vivaldi: .....Does White have an attachment to this girl?
Soldier: Yes. He seems to be very much attached to her.
Soldier: I agree, this is the first time I have seen Sir White so enthusiastic over something.
Soldier: It appears she is treasured by him.
Soldier: That is the rumor throughout the castle.
Vivaldi: Hoh... how amusing.
Vivaldi: I have also never seen him treasure anything. Why did no one report such an interesting thing to me?
Soldier: .....I suppose the opportunity hadn't arisen.
Soldier: Forgive us for saying such rude things to your ears...
Vivaldi: .....fine, then.
Vivaldi: Fufu.. This is interesting. How amusing...
I get the feeling of a predator watching its prey.
Shivering, goosebumps cover my skin.
Vivaldi: If his precious thing is snatched away from him, We wonder what sort of eyes he will show Us...
Vivaldi: The color of his eyes is a very good color, but it can't be helped, he is too cold. He isn't worthy of that color.

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