A cold man with a softer side he'll only show a select few from time to time. Alice always nags him about how he's a man who works more than he eats or sleeps. He'll occasionally sleep on her orders, but not much. He is very intent on his work, and doesn't necessarily care as to how many people hold grudges against him and what he does. He hates crowds and is not one for social events such as the ball at the Heart Castle. He does, however, have a few people he'll "tolerate". (a.k.a., a few people he's friends with.) Those people are Alice, Gowland, and Ace. Though, Ace and Gowland have annoyed him in some ways.

Julius Monrey
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Game Role

Clock Master

Appears In

Heart, Joker, Toy box, Diamond


Clock Tower





Voice Actor

Koyasu Takehito

Relationships Edit

Please note that much of the following information is based on the manga and anime movie.

Alice Liddell- Allows her to stay in the clock tower with him. She helps him by purchasing clock parts and brewing coffee for him; therefore he doesn't think of her as annoying. He lets her come and go as she pleases.

Mary Gowland- A friend whom he respects. Julius is the only one who won't make fun of Gowland's name.

Ace- A friend of Julius's. Retrieves the clocks for him and comes to visit often after getting lost. Ace claims Julius is weak and needs a knight to protect him, also saying that Julius is his favorite roleholder

Vivaldi- Vivaldi tends to visit from time to time about a clock that Julius says isn't broken, and they seemingly get on each other's nerves. Vivaldi has threatened to send Julius's head rolling because he calls her hot-tempered and impatient.

Blood Dupre- Julius dislikes Blood and is almost shot after a confrontation where Blood tells him he wants Alice to come to the Hatter Mansion. He also feels that he's not safe for Alice to be around.

Elliot March- Elliot has a strong dislike for Julius, as Julius indirectly got him thrown in jail after Elliot broke his friend's clock, which is against the rules. Elliot was imprisoned by the order of the Clock Tower, which, Elliot thinks, places the blame on Julius.


  • Julius is based on the concept of 'Time' in Alice in Wonderland as the Mad Hatter had a dispute with Time and killed him during a singing party for the Queen of Hearts. As punishment The Mad Hatter, March Hare, and Dormouse are stuck having to be stuck in Time at Tea Time all the Time.
  • While Julius often acts cold to Alice, he usually allows her to spend time with him if she offers to make coffee.
  • Julius scores Alice's coffee out of a total of 100. She usually gets a score that she's unsatisfied with.