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Game Role


Appears in

Heart, Joker, Toybox


Amusement Park





Voice Actor

Horiuchi Kenyu

Mary Gowland is the owner of the Amusement Park. He carries a light string instrument with him and insists on playing it, to the horror of everyone around. Gowland hates Blood because Blood told everyone his real name. He also dislikes Boris for dripping blood on the floor. He is good friends with Boris and Julius Monrey and is often very laid back. He loves music even though he can't play music to save his life. His name is supposed to be a pun off of 'Merry-go-round' since the engrish pronunciation of his name is 'Mary Gowrand'. This is why he didn't want anyone to know his first name and is preferably called 'Gowland'. He's based on the Duchess in Alice in Wonderland.

Official Website Descriptions  Edit

Heart no Kuni no Alice (Alice in the Kingdom of Heart) He is introduced to Alice as the Owner of the Amusement Park. He attempts to play music for Alice (much to EVERYONES disliking).

Joker no Kuni no Alice (Alice in the Kingdom of Joker)

Gowland comes back into the games after being absent from Clover. He is still the owner of the Amusement park and dislikes going to the circus like the rest of the Amusement Park gang. In Boris Airay's route, he rescues Alice and states that "Joker was the one who broke the rules, not him." and much to Alice's disliking he shoots Joker with his rifle and leaves the Prison Realm with Alice.

Relationships Edit

Boris Airay- Due to the Duchess-Cat ref, he is the semi-owner of Boris. Good Friend, but hates him bleeding on his floor or telling new people his full name. They often fight with alot of swearing in the game.

Alice Liddell- Like every other male in Wonderland, he likes her but is also a friend.

Blood Dupre- An enemy he despises because he told everyone his first name (Mary)

Pierce Villiers- Doesn't mind him being around. He respects Pierce enough to try and restrain Boris.

Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum- Allows them at the park even though they work for his enemy.

Julius Monrey- A friend he respects and is worried for when Julius overworks himself