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Tea Party Edit

Blood: I like absurd things. They don't get dull.
Elliot: Me too, I like doing the absurd more than not doing it. I hate boring stuff.
Elliot: Ah, besides that, I like carrot juice.
Blood: it really necessary to compare it to carrots?
Elliot: It's not carrots, I like carrot juice!
Elliot: If I have carrot juice, things don't seem so tedious.
Alice: If you say you like carrot juice, doesn't it make sense you'd like carrots?
(Alice: Besides, you're digging into all sorts of things filled with them... anyway, the contradiction is easy to see.)
Elliot: I don't like carrots.
Alice: But that's- you keep talking about carrots, so how can you say you don't like them?
Elliot: I don't like them. If I liked carrots, don't you think I'd be just like a rabbit?
Alice: .........
(Alice: He's really loading himself up too much on them.)
Alice: "Just like a rabbit" you say... you're not a rabbit, completely.
Elliot: ?!! W-where am I a rabbit!!! Is there something wrong with your eyes?!
Alice: You're asking where... It's your EARS.
(Alice: What is it with you, are you not right in the head?)
(Alice: While his rabbit ears twitch, he declares he's not a rabbit...)
Elliot: Th- that's only because my ears stretched!
Alice: Yep, since they're rabbit ears.
Elliot: No! Wrong! I'm not a rabbit!
Elliot: But unfortunately, my ears stretched and grew on their own.
Alice: that so.
Elliot: What, quit looking at me with those disbelieving eyes! It's the truth! Right, Blood?!
Blood: Ahh, that's right... this tea is delicious...
(Alice: Blood obviously wasn't listening.)

Twins' Bedtime Edit

Dum: I'm sleepy, brother.
Dee: Yeah, I'm tired, brother.
Dum: Aren't you tired too, oneesan? Let's all go sleep.
Dee: Because we're kids, there aren't any people here who sleep when we're tired.
Dum: Oneesan is a grown-up girl, so she understands, right?
options: I'm a kid too, so I don't really understand...
    Okay, but don't do anything funny.
    Go to sleep, you two.

//Alice: I'm a kid too, so I don't really understand...//
Dee: Ehh? You're a kid too?
Dum: Heh heh, so then that's even more of a reason to all go sleep together.
Dee: Well then, if we're all kids then it's alright. Are there any problems with it?
//Alice: Okay, but don't do anything funny.//
Dum: Anything funny?
Dee: What's "anything funny"??
Dum: We're kids, so we don't know what you mean.
Dee: That's right. I'd like oneesan to explain~
Dum: What sort of thing is "something funny"?

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Visiting Boris Edit

Boris: Evening, Alice. It's amazing when I see you as I'm thinking "I wonder if I'll see her."
Boris: But if I'm thinking "I wonder if I'll see her" and I don't see you, I'm really unhappy.

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