Nightmare Gottschalk





175-180 cm (5'9-5'11 est.)

Blood Type:



Dream Demon; Caterpillar

First Appearance (Game):

Heart no Kuni no Alice

First Appearance (Manga):

Chapter 4


Clover Tower


No information


Tomokazu Sugita

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Character Description Edit

A sickly-looking incubus. At times he bewilders the protagonist, and at times he guides her.

An incubus with a weak constitution who has a disease where he vomits blood, but refuses to go to the hospital out of fear of recieving an injection. He has the power to read minds at will and can enter and possess them. Even though he secludes himself (literally, is a hikikomori) inside dreams, he is dragged out by Gray. He is the head of the clover tower. Because he burns in sunlight, his physical condition steadily worsens. On the surface, his social standing is high and he has many subordinates, but in actuality a slacker who prefers to give his work onto Gray. He wears an eyepatch over his right eye for unknown reasons. He can be as dark and mysterious as he seems but also has a goofy side, as seen in the games.

He's based on the Caterpillar.


Alice Liddell- Just like anyone else he likes alice, but he guides her in some way and tries to make her forget about her sister and home.

Gray Ringmarc- A friend that lives in the clover tower as well.

Pierce Villiers- He helps him sleep.

Joker- He dislikes Joker, not hate.