Alice's World Edit

Alice's Sister

Alice's sister, Lorina Liddell, is depicted as an extremely beautiful and kind person. She used to read in the garden with Alice. She was the only one who truly understood Alice after their mother died. It is revealed that she had died. But Alice can't remember due to the fact Nightmare sealed her memories

Alice's First Love

All that is known is that he looks exactly like Blood Dupre. Alice was truly in love with him until he left her for Lorina, resulting in Alice's perception of true love being shattered and unreal.

Heart Castle Edit


Card Soldiers

Peter White depicts the card soldiers as "disposable", and apparantly does not care how many die. Alice disagrees, and insists that every human life is valuable.

King of Hearts

All that is known is that the King of Hearts was in love with his assistant, in which made Vivaldi very angry and had the assistant's head cut off. Vivaldi keeps him around because he is useful to her but Alice thinks that Vivaldi actually loves the King of hearts.

Hatter Mansion Edit


Amusement Park Edit

Workers At first sight, Alice depicted the workers as silly people with frilly, stupid costumes, but she politely kept it to herself. They are loyal to their master, Mary Gowland, and protects him when needed. They carry around hidden guns, also.

Unaffiliated Edit


The 'shadows' that Alice sees all the time around dead bodies appearently work for Julius, bringing back clock from dead bodies that they find or that Ace kill's and leaves for them. Not much is known about where they come from or what they actually are. They are also known as the Afterimage.