Peter White




175-180 cm (5'9-5'11 est.)

Blood Type:



White Rabbit; Prime Minister

First Appearance (Game):

Heart no Kuni no Alice

First Appearance (Manga):

Chapter 1


Heart Castle




Miyata Kouki

Official Character Descriptions  Edit

Peter White (ペーター ホワイト) plays the role of the White Rabbit.

Peter is obsessed with Alice and is the prime minister at the Castle of Hearts. He was the one who brought Alice into Wonderland in the beginning. He tends to rhyme when he speaks in the English version of the manga and is a rather serious person but has a habit of acting very clingy when Alice is around. Although he may seem too obsessed with Alice, he has known to be sly, sharp, and smart in combat, thus looked up to by Blood. He has two forms -- his human form and his rabbit form. He is almost always seen only at the Castle of Hearts as he hates "outsiders," as they bring bacteria, which he hates. This points out that he hates dirt and is quite possibly germophobic. His love for Alice is a little "Stir Crazy" for her which Alice tends to pull away from.

Heart no Kuni no Alice (Alice in the Kingdom of Hearts)Edit

Peter brought Alice to Wonderland and forced her to drink a special liquid that would trap her there. It is later revealed that Peter is Alice's memories of Sunday afternoons with her sister.

Clover no Kuni no Alice (Alice in the Kingdom of Clover)

Joker no Kuni no Alice (Alice in the Kingdom of Joker)




Alice Liddell- I love Alice and I tend to get very clingy whenever I see her. She doesn't find this very amusing though. But later on, Alice seems to accept me more because I helped Alice out of all Blood's rumors.

Blood Dupre- I was the only one who knew that Blood was spreading ridiculous rumors about Alice, resulting us both in a fight. He's such a cur...

Vivaldi- I listen to her majesty's orders and do what needs to be done for her, but I still don't necessarily like her.

Boris Airay- He's a filthy street cat crawling with flees! His wandering hands must stay off of my dear Alice!"

Elliot March- An idiot who can't even tell that he's a rabbit, like it or not! He's such a twit!

Pierce Villiers- I don't find him a threat, but he still likes Alice! As long as I don't see him with her, then he's safe.

Ace- What a fool he is! He's a man who doesn't know his way around the castle... What a bother that he clings to me to find his way to places in his own home.

Tweedle Dee- A foolish child who is way too grabby to my Alice!

Tweedle Dum- The same as his brother.

And still....

See how he doesn't value anyone else's life except Alice's?

6 what a douche lol... but i love this douche HAHAHA

Peter only allows Alice to touch him.