Pierce Villiers





165-170 cm (5'5-5'7 est.)

Blood Type:




First Appearance (Game):

Clover no Kuni no Alice

First Appearance (Manga):

Volume 4 (Oneshot)


(Clover) Forest;
(Joker) Amusement Park


Curved knife


Souchiro Hoshi

Pierce Villiers (ピアス=ヴィリエ Piasu Virie) is a character who first appears in Clover no Kuni no Alice. He plays the role of the Dormouse.

Description Edit

The insomniac mouse who drinks too much coffee.

Personality Edit

Pierce Villiers is a kind and gentle mouse, but is a coward who is often bullied by Boris Airay and the twins, Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum. As a member of the Hatter Family, Pierce does have experience in fighting, but his cowardice overcomes this; Pierce is never shown to fight in the series unless he feels the need to.

Heart no Kuni no Alice Edit

While Pierce does not make an actual appearance in the game, a conversation with Blood Dupre reveals that prior to the beginning of the game, Pierce had fled the country due to being constantly tormented by Boris.

Clover no Kuni no Alice Edit

Pierce makes his first appearance when Alice Liddell meets him at the forest in the prologue. When she speaks to him, he tries to kiss her. Alice, in response, slaps him out of surprise.

Joker no Kuni no Alice Edit

He's the Dormouse who now lives in the Amusement Park with Gowland and Boris. Like in Clover, he is constantly picked on by Boris and the Twins. He doesn't like to be at the Circus, but will go only if Alice and Gowland will go.

Relationships Edit

Boris Airay- A reason why he drinks coffee to stay awake. He constantly threatens Pierce's life daily.

Mary Gowland- Respected person. He likes to be around him because he's fun but won't when Gowland wants to give him embarrassing things.

Alice Liddell- Has a crush on her and feels safe from Boris with her.

Peter White- Doesn't feel threatened because he's a rabbit.

Elliot March- Same as Peter.

Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum- Scared of them because they always pick on him.

Vivaldi- Hates her because she drinks black tea and called him a rat.

Blood Dupre- hates because he drinks black tea, like Vivaldi

Nightmare Gottschalk- LOVES him because he helps Pierce sleep.