Tweedle Dee


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155-160 cm (5'1-5'3 est.)

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Hatter Gatekeeper

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Heart no Kuni no Alice

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Hatter Mansion




Jun Fukuyama

Tweedle Dee (トゥイードル=ディー Tuīdoru Dī) is a character who first appeares in Heart no Kuni no Alice. He is the twin brother of Tweedle Dum and brother of firile dee and the both of them play the role of the Hatter Gatekeepers.

Description Edit

Tweedle Dee is one of the gatekeepers working and living at the Hatter mansion. Both he and his brother are known as the "Bloody Twins" due to the fact they are willing to kill anyone who comes by the gate — no matter if the person is an enemy or a friend unless ordered not to kill them by their boss, Blood Dupre.

Prior to the beginning of the series, Dee and his brother enjoyed ganging up on Pierce Villiers with Boris Airay before Pierce eventually fled the country to get away from them.

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Relationships Edit

Tweedle Dum - Dee's identical twin brother.

Boris Airay - Dee's friend from the Amusement Park.

Elliot March - A fellow worker at Hatter Mansion whom Dee and Dum like to tease and mess with.

Blood Dupre - Dee's Boss.

Alice- he treats alice like an older sister after he and Dum tried to slit her throat