165-170 cm (5'5-5'7 est.)

Blood Type:



Queen of Hearts

First Appearance (Game):

Heart no Kuni no Alice

First Appearance (Manga):

Chapter 2


Heart Castle

Weapon(s): a gun as seen in movie

No information


Yuko Kaida

Vivaldi is the Queen of Hearts, although her power does not reach the Hatter's Residence, the Amusement Park, or the Clocktower. She is secretly Blood Dupre's elder sister, and the two meet in Blood's secret rose garden. She may seem cruel and heartless, but she has a secret love of plush-toys. Alice admires Vivaldi as she is powerful while secretly having a softer side as well.

In the official English translation of the manga, Vivaldi has a tendency to use the royal 'We' instead of 'I' to reflect her Victorian speech.

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Relationships Edit

Ace- "The knight of the castle of hearts who is strong, but stupid as he keeps getting lost when we need his presence."

Blood Dupre- "Our younger brother. We share tea together on occasions. He is such enjoyment to tease for us~"

Peter White- "Our Prime Minister. White is always late but says it's still 3 o' clock. We dislike him as he is annoying. We couldn't kill him if we sent our best."

Boris Airay- "Not bad. He is a bugger to our soldiers, although he is furry and cute."

Alice Liddell- "Our interesting little outsider whom we adore with little secrecy. She's so cute~"

Julius Monrey- "This Clockmaker cannot even fix our clock! We know it is broken! Such an annoying man!"

Pierce Villiers- "He's a filthy rat who lives on coffee and cheese! How does one live without tea?!"